About Our Engine Test Stand Suppliers in Riverside, CA

A father and son team started Easy-Run Engine Test Stands. Al and Andy started the company as the demand in his shop grew to accommodate the need to test engines for friends and customers; to evaluate the condition of new, rebuilt, as well as some used engines; locate oil leaks; run new engines to properly break in camshafts; and complete all basic tune-up requirements. This run process would help assure that the engines would meet the demands and level of acceptance that our customers would need prior to installing their engine.

Al assembled his first stand for his own personal use and realized that the unit had some advantages that he could not find on other commercially available units. Simplicity and safety were key factors in the upgrades that we see in the latest version today.

Al, Andy, and their team now produce their units in their shop and have expanded to compete with other manufacturers throughout the United States.

Al’s expertise stems from his early start in 1966 with his first 1956 Chevy that he completely rebuilt. His following included early Corvettes, the Tri-Five Chevy’s, V-8 Vegas, and a host of others. His education came from Middlesex County Vocational School in New Jersey. Then he became a certified welder while in California.

At a young age, he was fortunate to work with a local Eastern Drag Racing team on their AA/A, and later their Top Fuel Funny Car that toured the Division 1 area in match racing and some National Events. He credits many of his automotive attributes to Arne Swanson and Bob Lani.

Al has enjoyed a career as a welder. He opened a general repair shop for 4 years where he was known for engine conversions and custom modifications. Al sold the shop and then joined the automotive team at a large, brown company. He has always been an innovator in the automotive world and was recognized for his maintenance programs, innovative concepts, and management achievements after 27 years of service.

He has now focused on a new career with his son while developing Easy-Run Engine Stands. They have the ability to engineer and help their customers’ needs in tailoring the engine run stand to meet all situations.

We are producing our own products that both our clients and we believe provide options and amenities that many of the other engine stands on the market do not. Our clients say, “You have really done your homework.” We take that as a great compliment.

Easy-Run has been featured in many magazines such as:

  • Hot Rod Magazine
  • Muscle Car Review
  • Fast Fords and Mustangs
  • Canadian Hot Rods

We have been told that we are definitely the leader in the engine run stand industry. Our product is used by many of the well know automotive companies, such as:

  • Ford Racing
  • Car Craft Magazine
  • General Motors Performance Group
  • Sam Memmolo
  • Crew Chief for Mike Edwards Racing
  • Many Colleges, High Schools & Vocational Trade Centers
  • Rocket Industries of Australia
  • Dynatek Engines
  • Denbeste Motorsports
  • Eshleman Racing
  • R&D Engines
  • Terry Adams
  • Carlisle Events
  • Eliminator Boats
  • Raytheon Air Craft
  • And a Host of Others
  • Professional Products

Al, Andy, and everybody at Easy-Run are so proud of all of their customers, from the BIG Corporations to the home hobbyist. We would like to thank everybody that has helped us develop the Easy-Run and support everything we do.

We hope to be able to help you with your Easy-Run Stand and future needs. Please give us a call for your technical needs or visit our website.

Sincerely yours,
Al Freilich

Contact us in Riverside, California, to choose the products from our engine test stand company. Our suppliers offer professional options with nationwide and international shipping.